New Mexico Private Investigator License

New Mexico Private Investigator License

If you have ever had the idea of becoming a Private Investigator in New Mexico, then your first step should be to find out whether you are eligible to get the license or not. Nearly every state of the U.S, such as Alaska, California, etc. requires its residents who want to work as PI to hold a special permit.

However, before heading to the office to apply for it, it’s better to get to know the requirements of licensure and applicable payment info.

About the Private Investigator License

Every state has its special requirements and conditions to meet to acquire a Private Investigator license. New Mexico stands out in this respect. Those who just want to work for an agency, do not need to complete any special courses. They can simply work under the supervision of the company. However, it is different for those whose final goal is working for themselves.

Before going to the main points, let’s just try to figure out what exactly means to be a PI and what makes a good specialist. Surely, most of us are acquainted with the profession only from different movies and have some vague knowledge of it. In fact, for PIs it is essential to have great observation skills and an analytical mind.

Requirements for the Full New Mexico Private Investigator License

Firstly, there are some basic conditions to meet if you want to be a PI. Some of them are:

  • To have an NM citizenship
  • To be above 21
  • Have a clean criminal and mental record
  • Hold a diploma
  • Be under an agency’s supervision
  • Hold Insurance Certificate (at least a bond of $10 000)

To be eligible for the permit, residents need to have at least a high school diploma. Also, it is obligatory to have at least 6.000 hours of experience as a PI. The experience needs to include investigation of persons, crimes or threats, stolen property, also collecting information and evidence to be introduced in the court. Moreover, if the applicants meet the mentioned points, they need to take an exam. The exam is in written form and contains 25 questions on jurisprudence.

New Mexico Private Investigator License Fees

While applying for the permit, applicants should take into consideration that there is a $400 non-refundable payment to make. Also, there is another $44 fee for the background check.

Licensees have to pay an obligatory renewal fee as well. It is paid every year, till the last day of the applicant’s birthday month. The renewal fee is $300.


After talking about the fees, let’s get to a more pleasant subject – salary. Well, no matter how much you love your job, salary is still the most important and determining part of it. In NM the average salary in the field is $61,220 annually. Actually, this is much higher than the average of $53,333. What is more, after being at work for several years, there will be an increase in the income, too. Experienced specialists can get up to $82,710.

Other points

Many wonder whether Investigators are eligible to carry a concealed weapon. In fact, it is legal. However, they need to have a special permit for that. Furthermore, besides the certificate, it is also essential to have proof of firearm training.
Another frequently asked question is whether it is possible to act as a bodyguard. Actually, the answer is positive. However, this is true only in connection with individual cases.

At last, take into consideration the information provided above and get to your dreams and goals.

Zara N

Zara N

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