New Mexico Plumbing License

New Mexico Plumbing License

A person willing to operate as an accomplished plumber has to apply for a permit. There are a lot of opportunities for people who have a New Mexico plumbing license.

According to the local laws, any mechanical or plumbing work is done under supervision. This means that you need an authorized expert on site. However, it may take at least two years to achieve your goal.

Types of permits

NM issues permit to plumbers and those who want to open their own business. There are qualifications for apprentice and journeyman. Unlike the Texas plumbing license, there is no master qualification in this state.

If you are a certified professional, you repair different systems and install new pipes. The advantage is that you are not working under supervision. Moreover, you can oversee other workers.

The local regulation and licensing department issues permit for a journeyman. Construction Industries and Manufactured Housing Division take care of contractors.

New Mexico plumbing license requirements

The first stage is to take an apprenticeship program. This is a valuable time when you get the skills you need. A candidate can apply to a company or sponsor.

The programs include individuals who:

  • are at least 18
  • have a high school diploma/GED
  • provide photo ID and valid DL

The applicants will have to undergo a background check, particularly a drug test. There is also a requirement of 144 hours of classroom work. Once the program is over, a company provides a signed affidavit. This acknowledges that you have experience.

Applying to take an exam

Once you have experience, the next step is to apply to sit for an exam. The candidates should address the PSI to have approval for the examination.

You have to present two documents:

  • Journeyman application
  • Experience verification

The checklist by PSI mentions that it’s necessary to have 2 years or 4,000 hours of experience. The applicant also has to pay an initial fee of $75. You have to send the papers by hand or mail. An email form is not acceptable.

If approved to test, you will receive a notification from PSI. Your next step is to schedule a day using an online system. The exam lasts 250 minutes and you have to answer 100 questions. The candidate must score 75% to succeed. Before starting it, you have to pay $137.76. This is a combined fee for written and practical tests.

The results of a written test come immediately. They will send those of a practical one within a week.


The professionals in this industry have to prove they can operate legally. The certificate is valid for three years. Once this term is over, a plumber needs a continuing education course. It is necessary to have at least 16 hours.

Unless you renew it before the expiration date, you may face a penalty of $25.

Documents for business owners

Those wishing to have their own business should get contractor authorization. In this case, the owner has to employ at least one journeyman. They also have to take a test via PSI.

The online system provides a detailed checklist on how to do it. The package of documents includes a contractor application. You need proof of financial responsibility and a Tax ID. If it’s a corporation, the owner has to be registered with the NM Secretary of State.

The rest of the process does not differ much. You have to submit the papers in person or by mail. If accepted, the document is sent by postal service.

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