New Mexico License Plate Lookup

New Mexico License Plate Lookup

You can use New Mexico License Plate Lookup service. As a result, you can find the necessary information about the vehicle. The lookup will help you to reveal information like

  • Title
  • Past ownership
  • Odometer reading

New Mexico License Plates

New Mexico specifies “USA” in the license plates. It is the only state that does it. The reason is not to confuse it with the country Mexico.

In New Mexico, there are different types of license plates offered to drivers. Drivers can select specialty plates. For this, they have to make an additional payment. However, standard license plates do not require additional payments.

The most common plates are Standard plates. They come in three main types:

  • Standard Centennial License Plates
  • Standard Red and Yellow License Plates
  • Chile Plates

Personalized License Plates

Anyone can apply for a personalized registration plate. Personalized plates are the traditional yellow and turquoise plates and the Chile plates. The difference is that in personalized plates drivers can use alphanumeric characters. For yellow prestige plates, it is possible to use up to 7 characters. Whereas, for turquoise plates, the number of characters can reach up to 8. While for Chile personalized plates this number varies from 1-6 characters.

The additional fee for these plates is $17. Besides, it is possible to purchase personalized plates online. The shipping is free.

The state may refuse your application for one or more reasons, check our banned New Mexico license plates page for more information.

Las Cruces License Plates

Las Cruces License Plates are for motor vehicles. This kind of plate is for the Las Cruces residents only. The additional plate fee is $37.

Collegiate License Plates

Collegiate License plates include the University of New Mexico, New Mexico Military Institute, Eastern New Mexico University, New Mexico Highlands University, New Mexico State University, New Mexico Tech, Western New Mexico University, New Mexico Junior College, and many others.

Handicapped Plates

Handicapped Plates are for drivers with certain mobility issues. They can have health problems like:

  • Cannot walk without an assistance
  • Have heart conditions
  • Cannot ascend or descend the car without help

Historical or Vintage Plates

Horseless Carriage Plate and Year of Manufacture are types of Historical plates. A horseless carriage is a vehicle that is at least 35 years old. However, it is not designed for exploitation. It is used either for educative purposes or as an exhibit. The registration plate of this vehicle remains. The owner of the plate can renew it once every 5 years. The additional fee for the plate is $17.50.

Year of Manufacture

For old cars (30 and more) it is possible to get a license plate with the year of manufacture. When the car with a Year of Manufacture plate is sold, the new owner can certainly retain the number. For this, the fixed fee is $10.00.

Military and Veteran Plates

Gold Star Family and Active Duty National Guard plates are types of Military and Veteran Plates.

Gold Star Family plates are for the family members of the killed soldiers. For each family, there is a limit. Consequently, a family can get only four Gold Star Family plates.

Anyone in active duty can get an Active Duty National Guard plate.
Finally, both of these license plates do not require payment for the plate or registration.

Military Service Special Plates

Military Service Special Plates are

  • Air Force Veteran
  • Coast Guard Veteran
  • Army Veteran
  • Marine Veteran
  • Navy Veteran
  • Pearl Harbor Survivor
  • Woman Veteran
  • Disabled Veteran Wheelchair

Autism Awareness Plates

Autism Awareness plates are only for motor vehicles. The additional payment for these plates is $35. To keep the plate, the owner has to make this payment every year.

Patriot License Plate

Every person in New Mexico can obtain this plate. The fee for this plate is $27.

Children’s Trust Fund

Every driver can obtain a plate with a child’s artwork. Besides, part of the plate fee goes to the Children’s Trust Fund. The fee for these plates is $42.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Any motor vehicle owner can obtain a Breast Cancer Awareness plate. Moreover, the part of the fee of each plate is transferred to the New Mexico Department of Health. The fee for the plate is $37.

Police, Firefighters, and EMT plates

There are different types of Police, Firefighters, and EMT plates

  • Fraternal Order of Police
  • Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT)
  • Retired Law Enforcement
  • Retired Firefighters
  • Firefighters and Volunteer Firefighters

Getting a License Plate in New Mexico

If you want to apply for a license plate in New Mexico you need to register your vehicle with the New Mexico MVD. Whenever you purchase a new vehicle, you get temporary tags till you get your permanent license plate.

If you have a license plate from your last vehicle, you can surely transfer it to the new one. For this, the registration class of the vehicles should be the same.

You should apply for a license plate as soon as you move to New Mexico or when you get a new vehicle (within 30 days).

For registering your car in New Mexico you need to submit the following

  • The vehicle title
  • A completed application form
  • ID card
  • Documents that prove your residency in New Mexico

Note that, when you purchase a car through a dealership, your dealer directly submits a registration to MVD. Yet, if you do not have a dealer, you should submit your registration in person. Thus, the vehicle registration cannot be done online or by mail.

If you have purchased the vehicle from any other state, you need to have the vehicle ID number.

Transferring of License Plates in New Mexico

The plates In New Mexico belong to the owners. Hence, every plate owner is able to transfer the plate into another vehicle. For this, the vehicle owner has to apply for the transfer. Briefly, the Motor Vehicle Division will organize the transfer of the license plate to a newly purchased vehicle. The owner will only need to pay the fixed registration fee.

The application for the transfer should be under the name of the registered owner.

For the transfer, you need to submit

  • The license plate
  • The signed-over title (of the new vehicle)
  • New-Mexico driver’s license
  • Payment for the registration
  • New Mexico car insurance proof

License Plate Renewal in New Mexico

If you want to renew your license plate, you need to renew your vehicle registration. You can renew the registration either for a year or two.

The New Mexico MVD will notify you in the event of the expiration of the vehicle registration. The renewal should be done on time. Otherwise, you will have to cover additional penalty fees. You can also check your vehicle’s registration renewal information online.

You can renew your New Mexico vehicle registration online, by mail, by phone, or in person.

Replace your New Mexico License Plate

To replace the license plate you have two options. You can either do it in person or online. In fact, it is rather convenient to replace the license plate online.

However, in case you want a special plate, you should do it in person.

What do you need for the license plate replacement?

Whether you choose to replace your license in person or online, you still have to provide your driver’s license or any ID card, Vehicle Number (VN), also, Plate number. In addition, provide also Postcard control number, Zip code, and the replacement fee.

New Mexico License Plate Fees

The fee for the license plate is included in the registration fee. Anyway, if you choose special plates, you have to make an additional fixed payment. All vehicles in New Mexico are registered for one or two years.

What to do if a license plate is stolen?

If your NM license plate is stolen, immediately inform the police. After the police make a report on the robbery, you can bring it to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). However, you can get a duplicate only of a regular license plate. While to get a duplicate of a specialty plate, you will need to make an additional payment.

To get a license plate duplicate, provide

  • Your driver’s license
  • Current registration
  • Payment for the replacement plate

The fixed fee for a replacement plate is $7.50. Yet, if you are able to prove that the license plate is stolen, you can skip the payment.

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