New Mexico Medical License

New Mexico Medical License

Getting a medical license is what almost all medical practitioners dream about. In reality, it is not just a dream. It is a long process and all the hard work you do to reach your big goal. Want to know more about getting a medical license? Here we are to help you to organize all your activities and get your medical license in New Mexico.

So, the State of New Mexico is not among the hardest states to get a medical license in. Check with us to know what you have already accomplished and what you still need to do. Find out if you are ready to apply for a medical license in New Mexico.

How long does it take to get a license?

Usually, it takes no more than three or four months to get a medical license in New Mexico. But these terms are valid only if you have already accomplished all the steps before. If you still have exams to pass or some documents to gather and submit, it might take longer. That’s why we suggest checking all the documentation requirements at the New Mexico Medical Board website.

What do I need to do to get ready to apply for a medical license in New Mexico?

  1. Complete medical school. If you want to become a physician in New Mexico and hold a license, first get a diploma from a medical school. Note that the medical school must be approved by the New Mexico Medical Board. But if you have international education, the program you have completed must be equivalent to a medical school program in the United States. By the way, an international education credential evaluation service approved by the New Mexico Medical Board decides if the program is equivalent to the US programs.
  2. When you have finished your medical school and gained your degree, think about postgraduate training. To show that you are ready to apply for licensure, you need to complete a minimum of two full years of postgraduate program. This program must also be approved by the New Mexico Medical Board.
  3. You have to pass one of the examinations approved by the Medical Board.
  • Steps 1 to 3 of the USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination).
  • Two components of FLEX (Federation Licensing Examination).
  • Parts 1 to 3 of the NBME (National Board of Medical Examiners Examination).
  • Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination.

Remember that the passing score for each of these examinations is 75. Note also that you can pass one exam only six times.

How to apply to the New Mexico Medical Board?

Actually, you can complete the medical licensure application process in New Mexico in three ways.

You can gather all documents and apply directly to the New Mexico Medical Board.

You can use HSC. This way you apply through the Hospital Services Corporation Credentials Verification Organization of New Mexico. This organization will provide all the documents you need for your application.

If you are going to apply for a medical license in other states too, use the Federation Credentials Verification Service. FCVS gathers your documents and can send them to any organization that accepts FCVS. Of course, this will make your next application process a lot shorter.

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