New Mexico Barber License

New Mexico Barber License

A New Mexico barber license is mandatory if you are eager to practice this profession. By the way, this state is one of those places where the barber’s major is at a very high level.


For those who wish to certify there are certain eligibility requirements. To qualify you must:

  • Have a minimum age of 17. For this, you have to present docs proving your age. Those include the candidate’s birth certificate, identification card or passport, visa, or driver’s permit. Note that the originals of the documentation are not necessary.
  • Be a high school graduate.
  • Complete a certain amount of hours of instruction in approved educational institutions. As proof of successfully attending the school, you ought to submit a training affidavit. The transcript should contain info on how much time was dedicated to each skill. In other words, the curriculum breakdown is a prerequisite.

Complete the training

The prospective specialists must complete the 1200-hour course.

After this course, you have two years to apply for the certification. If you do not do so your education will expire. In this instance, you need to take 150 hours of remedial instruction.

People who are qualified cosmetologists can additionally finish 50 hours of study in shaving and trimming. After that, they are eligible for the testing part. Later they may take a shaving portion examination and obtain a certificate for hairstyling.

Apply for an examination

Professional Credential Services is responsible for the administration. Here are the steps for application:

  1. Get familiar with the Candidate handbook.
  2. Submit an online application of examination directly to the PCS, 15 days before the demonstration test. Very importantly, register on the website and create an account. After that, provide the necessary information and arrange the test. For classroom lectures, telephone scheduling is also an option.
  3. Upload the copies of identification documents: two passport-like photographs, the affidavit, and a notarized transcript of training.
  4. Pay the fee. The payment for theory is $115, for practical $60, and for both, it costs $175. Money orders, credit cards, or checks (except personal checks) are acceptable.
  5. Then wait for their approval. If you are eligible you are likely to receive a notification. Contact the PCS if you didn’t get the admission notice.

Pass the exam

It is compulsory to pass three kinds of exams. The acceptable score is 75 for both. You are likely to get the grades within a minimum of ten business days after the tryout date.

In case you don’t receive them just login into your account after 24 hours and print the score. After the Notice of Completion of all 3 parts, the Board will issue your permit. Fortunately, if you fail you may reapply. In this instance, payment is due again.


This 90 minutes section assesses your expertise in the following spheres: scientific concepts (such as viruses, bacterias, infection control, immunity, etc.), hair-care, facial, shaving, and chemical services.


For this portion, you are to bring

  • Your kit
  • A mannequin or a model

The competence must be, yet is not limited to the following areas:

  • Client Safety problems
  • Haircutting, lightening, and coloring
  • Chemical relaxing and waving
  • Working with a razor

State law theory

All in all, for this section your knowledge of laws and regulations would be examined.

Renew your qualification

When expired the Board will send you an email advising you to keep your competency document active. For the renewal, there is no necessity to take additional classes. There is just an online request form for renewing and a $50 fee. Yet, if you are an instructor you are also to finish 12 hours of continuing education. That is for improving your proficiency.

Compared to its neighboring Nebraska, where the permits are good for 2 years, it is valid for only 1 year in NM.

Transfer your certificate

If you have a good standing document from another state you can transfer it. For this purpose, just fill in the application form and mail them to the mentioned address. Also, pay $150.

However, keep in mind that your preparation ought to have an equal or more workload.

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