New Mexico Auction License

New Mexico Auction License

An auction permit is a document allowing you to sell goods. Some states do not consider you need a license to practice this. There is no state requirement to obtain a New Mexico auction license. This does not mean that the field is unregulated.

Unlike in other states, here you have to check this with the local authorities. So, you have to contact a city clerk where a bid takes place. He will inform the auctioneer if he needs a permit.

When it comes to automobiles, the situation is different. To be a car auctioneer or a dealer, a permit is a must. We have done research to understand how to get it in 2022.

How to get a dealer permit?

Whether it is the online car auction or any other, you need an auction license. The New Mexico Department of Motor Vehicles is responsible for handling it. This agency solves all vehicle-related issues.

Anyway, remember that a person selling over four vehicles in a year needs authorization. Before applying, read the instruction not to omit any point.

The first thing is to acquire a business license before becoming a car dealer. This is one of the documents enclosed with your application.

NM requires that you have sufficient knowledge in this area. Another mandatory paper is a pre-licensing education certificate. Independent auto dealers’ association offers an 8-hour class. Once concluded, you will get a certificate within 2-3 days.

Required documents

Now let’s see what other papers you need. There is a large package that refers to your dealership. So, the enclosed papers must include:

  • Business identification number
  • Ownership proof
  • Location information
  • Franchise agreement
  • Pictures
  • Surety bond
  • Fee

You also need a New Mexico Tax ID. This is a number to track your taxes. There is also a federal tax ID. This shows that a federal government gives a number to your dealership.

NM requires such an office to meet zoning requirements. Thus, before leasing any space, contact the authorities. It’s better to check of the space complies with all rules. A property lease of at least 6 months is also a must. In addition, you provide photos of the building and equipment. The photos of a property layout and inside the office are necessary as well.

All authorized car traders must have a $50,000 surety bond. Provide it before submitting an application. Any applicant pays a non-refundable fee of $50.

Application procedure for New Mexico Auction License

Overall, the most important point is to fill in the application correctly. Any mistakes or omissions may cause delays. The good news is you can apply online.

The first step is to visit an online services portal. Here you select the required type of permit.

The portal would ask for your:

  • Business ID
  • Copies of ownership
  • Lot location
  • Insurance

Now you have to fill in your address and other details. Be ready to answer several questions about your background. They refer to possible arrests and felony convictions.

As mentioned above all applicants have to present photos and diagrams. However, the agency may request additional images and even a site inspection.

The guidelines are available on the Department’s website. And, of course, you will have to create your personal account. This allows you to print a document and renew it. Once you submit a form, wait for an email or a phone call.

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